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John Bogart has honed a litigation approach based on comprehensive and efficient investigation and analysis for nearly two decades and has repeatedly partnered with some of the world's largest organizations in the health care, transportation, credit and information management services industries to arrive at optimal resolutions. Mr. Bogart works as a Salt Lake City securities and business litigation attorney on cases in Utah and throughout the United States involving:

In his career outside law, head lawyer John Bogart has had the opportunity to study game and economic theories. Because of the rigor of analysis entailed in these spheres (and the immediate applicability of economics to businesses), he has the comprehensive knowledge of how to structure a case.

From backwards planning and research to methodical investigation of what each action entails, he focuses on salient work, not the wasteful "search under every rock and pebble" approach. It is this approach that resulted in him being named the leading antitrust litigator for Utah (Benchmark Litigation) and legal leader in antitrust and complex commercial litigation by Utah Business.

Even for the world's largest organizations, litigation is a fiscal challenge — spending $50,000 to half a million dollars per month on litigation costs is alarming to leadership and shareholders.

Mr. Bogart knows the key to cost-effective litigation: understanding where costs lie, analyzing the problem and coming up with a definitive strategy and solution.

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