Specializing In Complex Legal Services


Contract Disputes


For nearly 20 years John Bogart has been working with clients in Salt Lake City, Utah, and nationally in business contract litigation cases, including:

  • Breaches of lease agreements
  • Failed sales agreements
  • Intellectual property
  • Design, development and building contracts
  • Easements
  • Investment contracts

Because Mr. Bogart has a holistic understanding of legal philosophy, economics and teaching, he's analyzed aspects of even the most complex areas of business litigation to derive the best possible actions for his clients. Other larger firms spend a great deal of time trying to arrive at a destination without regard to the path that gets there, but Mr. Bogart puts a premium on research, analysis and discovery. This kind of deliberate long-view look is imperative.

As a lawyer, Mr. Bogart understands that when it comes to issues of honoring a contract a number of legal issues arise, and that when entering into litigation a proper assessment of risk versus legal fees and ramifications is critical. Failure to clearly and accurately analyze the situation at hand can prove to be injurious to the long-term goals of the individuals/organizations involved in the litigation.

Because of his experience teaching complex business litigation at Loyola Law School and University of Utah Law School he can accurately parse the situation and tailor his presentation of the relevant issues to fit the particular audience.

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