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For nearly 20 years John Bogart has appeared before the 9th and 10th U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals and the Utah Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, and can work with solo lawyers and small firms in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah who may not be as familiar with theappellate process. He can provide advice to trial counsel on steps before and at trial to preserve issues for appeal, provide advice on crafting appellate briefs, or handle the appeal himself.

Entering into appellate work can be an extremely daunting task as the skills and knowledge that most law firms hone in general practice are often insufficient in the specialized world of appeals. Preparing a case for appeal is different in important ways from preparing it for trial — from making sure crucial issues are properly preserved for appeal (should trial determinations go wrong) to knowledge of the deadlines for appeal (after all, blow a deadline and the appeal is lost before it begins) and procedures.

Every case is different, and throughout his tenure as a Salt Lake City litigation appeals attorney Mr. Bogart has successfully tailored his approach to the needs of his clients. On the state and federal level, he can handle trial motions and memoranda, research issues and file written briefs for nearly any issue involved. Because he's dealt with some of the most complex business lawsuit appeals, he brings a comprehensive knowledge regarding the appeals process to work for clients.

There is a limited timeline on which to file an appeal and considerable work needed prior to brief submission and oral argument scheduling, so it's important to act deliberately and quickly.

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