Specializing In Complex Legal Services


Our Firm Overview

John Bogart understands the stakes when undertaking a case and puts a premium on analysis, investigation and procedural strategy. In recent years, Mr. Bogart has represented clients throughout the United States in health care, transportation, credit and information management services industries, as well as the largest master-planned community development in Utah in commercial and real property litigation. He has represented clients at both the trial and appellate level in state and federal courts. He has defended corporate clients in matters worth over $300 million and individual plaintiffs in small fraudulent business practices cases.

Economic Value for Clients

As his clients can attest, Mr.Bogart approaches all legal matters with one primary focus: the economic value for his clients. Mr. Bogart understands that one traditional approach to business litigation is to look at all details and spend without limit on pretrial motions and discovery, in an effort to avert all risk, no matter how minuscule, and to win every possible battle, no matter how trivial the particular motion victory. Mr. Bogart works closely with his clients to develop an understanding that litigation is like a business, and that they can cut costs correspondingly by focusing on what actually is strategically necessary to achieving the desired outcome. Mr. Bogart makes sure that his clients have a transparent sense of costs, how fees will be allocated, and what the overall case budget will be.

Making Law Clear, Cohesive, Accessible

In his first career as a philosopher, Mr. Bogart taught jurisprudence to law students at N.Y.U. School of Law and Stanford Law School, as well as to undergraduate philosophy students at, inter alia, UC Davis and Arizona State University. Since obtaining his law degree at Stanford almost two decades ago, Mr. Bogart has continued to teach law students, adding complex litigation to his course list. Through teaching, Mr. Bogart has honed his skills at taking the most complex concepts and arcane professional materials and making them accessible to people who aren’t necessarily interested: judges and juries. Mr. Bogart’s track record as a lawyer has shown that presenting a case in a clear, cohesive, and focused manner means salience in the minds of judges and juries, and victory for clients.

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