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IP Litigation


Since beginning his work as a Salt Lake City intellectual property attorney more than twelve years ago, John Bogart has worked on intellectual property cases with settlements of over $15 million. The key to his approach, as in his other areas of practice, has to do with skill in analysis and presentation.

Because he understands legal and economic theory and has experience in the domain of intellectual property, he's able to accumulate and contextualize relevant documentation and present it in a clear, cohesive and coherent way. The key is being able to take immensely complex issues and present them to an audience that is less inclined to delve into the specifics. The result is that judges in Utah (or nationally) and/or juries are able to clearly understand the intellectual property infringement issues being presented.

Mr. Bogart understands that, like other areas of business litigation, issues of intellectual property can be hugely complex. The amount of discovery that goes into cases involving misappropriation of intellectual property, breaches of non-disclosure, non-compete clauses, or overall contract breaches can be immensely complicated.

Mr. Bogart focuses his litigation strategy in these cases to streamline the discovery process while ensuring that the client's objectives are achieved. Because his skills at research, discovery and analysis have resulted in client value for nearly two decades, there's no intellectual property case for which he's not prepared.

John Bogart does not engage in patent litigation or registrations but is ready to take on contract fights regarding process compliance in products.

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