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Complex Business Litigation


John Bogart has worked as a Salt Lake City, Utah, complex business litigation attorney for nearly two decades, winning ideal accolades and ideal resolutions for regional and national clients. Mr. Bogart has defended businesses nationwide in extremely complex class action lawsuits while ensuring that the overall business strategy was preserved and furthered in the long run.

Case successes in this area include:

Abraham v. IHC, 461 F.3d 1249, 394 F. Supp.2d 1312: Mr. Bogart obtained a defense verdict on summary judgment. Abraham v. IHC is now a leading antitrust and health care case in the Tenth Circuit.

D.J. Investment Group v. Stoneleigh Heights: Mr. Bogart secured a defense verdict at trial in $20 million nuisance case.

Marchbanks et al. v. Ceridian et al.: Mr. Bogart is lead counsel for Pilot Travel Centers in $300 million class action.

Mr. Bogart understands that with complex business litigation, the same philosophies apply as in general litigation, but the stakes are even higher — when the number of entities on one or more sides increases it becomes more complex to litigate the various pieces. With bigger pieces of business, serial litigation, multiple-party litigation and cases that are in the second and third go-around, Mr. Bogart can carefully and confidently bring his experience to the case to ensure the economics of the litigation are kept under control and the long-term business strategies are kept completely intact.

Because of Mr. Bogart's academic career studying the philosophy of law, game theory and economic analysis, he's honed a skill set that most lawyers don't: a completely holistic view of business, research, strategy and law. He understands complex damage models and has worked with experts in economic theory. Because the cases in which he works can last a very long time and cost millions of dollars, he knows that these discovery, research and analysis skills are so critical in litigating a case.

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