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Antitrust Litigation


Antitrust litigation is among the most advanced, complex, time and resource intensive kinds of litigation. While antitrust cases are typically high-value matters, they may also involve comparatively high damages.

John Bogart has handled matters with potential damages of $1 billion down to matters with potential damages of $100,000, and has handled both private antitrust actions and class actions. Because of his experience as a Salt Lake City antitrust attorney, Mr. Bogart has a comprehensive understanding of antitrust law and procedures, including the special challenges of class action litigation.

Antitrust cases are one of Mr. Bogart's specialties, and he is ready to take on any type of case. John Bogart was awarded the leading antitrust litigator for Utah award (Benchmark Litigation) and named a legal leader in antitrust and complex commercial litigation by Utah Business because of his experienced approach:


The economics of the industry in question must be explained in turn to judges, business people, and economic experts; each group perceives antitrust suits differently and focuses on different economic issues. Through studies in economic theory and teaching complex litigation at the University of Utah and Loyola Law School, Mr. Bogart has made it a cornerstone of his approach.


The amount of discovery necessary in antitrust and class action cases can be daunting. Mr. Bogart is able to efficiently and effectively manage discovery without compromising the case, whether for a plaintiff or a defendant. Large firms apply a big team of lawyers at the cost of efficiency and increased overhead, but Mr. Bogart offers focused discovery, built around thoughtful strategic planning.

Indeed, one of Mr. Bogart's opponents in an antitrust case was so impressed with his approach to discovery that, after the conclusion of the lawsuit, he hired Mr. Bogart to develop new e-record policies for his national business and to teach his senior staff about those polices.

It's this approach that has saved and won millions of dollars on behalf of clients and has earned Mr. Bogart accolades in his nearly 20-year tenure.

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