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Breach of Fiduciary Duty


For nearly two decades John Bogart has been working as a Salt Lake City shareholder dispute attorney dealing with cases involving breach of fiduciary duty. During his tenure he has represented both brokers (protecting them from frivolous complaints and lawsuits) and shareholders. This has provided a comprehensive understanding of the issues of law and how to proceed regardless of whom Mr. Bogart is representing.

To these ends Mr. Bogart is ready to work on Salt Lake City, Utah, and national cases involving:

  • Mortgage servicers or lenders
  • Fraud
  • Professional liability cases
  • Business partnership litigation
  • Issues of officer misconduct

When it comes to questions of fiduciary duties, the legal subtleties run deep. When disputes arise, it is important for a lawyer to clearly demonstrate where duties were violated, either at the point-of-sale or during the ongoing relationship between investor and broker.

This demonstration is make-or-break for a case. Because of his background teaching at Stanford and the University of Utah Law School, Mr. Bogart has developed a deep competency in presenting these issues for all applicable audiences.

Ultimately, the same demonstrated skills Mr. Bogart uses in securities litigation are applicable to issues of fiduciary duties.



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