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Securities Litigation


Regardless of whether you're on the plaintiff or defendant side of security litigation, the optimal execution is nearly the same: move the case forward rapidly and effectively toward resolution. Failure to do so can create seriously damaging professional problems or substantial unnecessary legal fees.

Because of his experience as a Salt Lake City securities litigation attorney, John Bogart understands the strategic analysis of these cases.

For nearly 20 years John Bogart has worked on complex security litigation cases. He's worked with both plaintiffs and defendants and offers a comprehensive approach to securities litigation.

Mr. Bogart has been successful in protecting professional licenses for lawyers and stockbrokers, among other professionals, as efficiently and effectively as possible. He understands the stresses under which these professionals are placed when their reputation or license is in jeopardy, and provides the knowledge to resolve the situation.

In prosecution of Utah security fraud his strategy consists of research and analysis to effectively determine where monetary funds are disbursed and working with his clients (who have included shareholders and debt investors in private corporations) to maximize settlements.

Regardless of which side on which he's working, Mr. Bogart brings the same methodical analysis and comprehensive understanding to the table.

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