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Throughout his nearly 20 years of business law experience, John Bogart has gained preeminence among Utah lawyers. A graduate of Stanford Law School and an ex-editor of the Stanford Law Review, John Bogart brings a fresh, academic perspective to his practice. Unlike traditional Utah lawyers, who approach business litigation as a linear motion towards settlement, John Bogart uses his theoretical knowledge, in conjunction with his many years of practical experience, in order to craft an individualized strategy to best actualize the interests of his clients.

What is unique about John Bogart’s approach to law? Mr. Bogart understands that business litigation ought to be conducted as business. Traditionalists among Utah lawyers create an unfounded disconnect between business practices and business law. However, there is no reason why the business values of efficiency, brand management, and profit-maximization should not guide legal proceedings.

Handling complex business litigation is a complicated balancing act that must be managed by a seasoned professional. John Bogart will help your business to temper short-term litigious concerns with long-term business goals throughout your legal counseling. Furthermore,

Mr. Bogart is renowned for his cost and risk analyses, which inform his strategies for litigation. High stakes lawsuits require a high degree of intentionality, such that risk factors are mitigated. Among Utah lawyers, John Bogart is singular in his focus on such various factors as legal fee minimization, brand management throughout legal proceedings, settlement analysis in the context of long-term business plans, and game theory damage modeling.

This multifactorial approach enables for contractual, IP, and securities litigation to occur within the broader context of corporate success. Mr. Bogart has gained renown among Utah lawyers for the breadth and depth of his practice. His success in antitrust litigation is well known, as recognized in his awards and recognition from Utah Business and Benchmark Litigation. Yet, his expertise is not limited to antitrust litigation.

Mr. Bogart regularly represents both plaintiffs and defendants in a litany of lawsuit types –including trademark infringement, breaches of contractual obligations and fiduciary agreements, and intellectual property lawsuits. Further, John Bogart has earned marked success in securities litigation, protecting the licenses of lawyers and stockbrokers alike. In prosecuting Utah security fraud, Mr. Bogart has perfected a strategy that uses extensive research and analysis in order to determine the complex allocation of monetary resources.

He has implemented this streamlined approach in order to protect the interests of shareholders, as well as debt investors, in diverse scenarios.

John Bogart is a unique attorney among Utah lawyers, typified by his academically informed approach to legal practice; his capacity to “corporatize” litigation; and the breadth and depth of his practice.

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