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Depending on your business profile and unique needs, John Bogart may be uniquely situated to help you maximize the appeal of your settlement while minimizing your legal costs and resource allocations.

What does John Bogart specialize in? The answer lies in methodology. What makes John Bogart singular among the many Utah law firms is his methodologies, not his areas of expertise. While any Utah law firms specialize in business litigation, few rival the competitive nature of Mr. Bogart’s methodologies and strategic foci. Put simply, Mr. Bogart stresses the importance of business analysis in legal proceedings.

Many businesses enter into civil litigation over contractual disputes or breaches in fiduciary agreements guided by a powerfully deleterious misconception. They assume, fallaciously, that litigation is a fixed cost. They assume that the litigious process is an unwarranted nuisance that will involve a given quantity of legal fees and the only variable factor is the quality of the settlement. Many Utah law firms inadvertently perpetuate this misconception by offering static plans to approach civil litigation.

However, John Bogart is different in this regard. Mr. Bogart understands that the relationship between legal inputs (time, money, and intellectual capital) and legal outputs (settlement desirability and impacts on branding and reputation) is dynamic. In other words, litigation ought to sit along the same intentional continuum as all other business decisions –the business needs to evaluate the legal and economic risk profile in order to determine a strategic plan for entering litigation.

John Bogart is able to engage in such a sophisticated legal analysis because of his diverse background. He brings to the discussion knowledge of legal theory, judicial precedents, negotiation strategy, economic game theory, and complex damage modeling.

This integrative approach differentiates his firm from other Utah law firms, accounting for his successes in many realms. Yet, you need not accept this methodological distinction as reason to elevate Mr. Bogart over competing Utah law firms Rather, allow for his successes to speak for themselves.

Mr. Bogart has received widespread recognition for his mastery in antitrust litigation. Furthermore, such representative clients as Intermountain Health Care and Pilot Travel have utilized Mr. Bogart’s methodologies in order to reach satisfying settlements. Many Utah law firms offer services in business litigation, securities ligitation, intellectual property disputes, contractual disputes, appeals, breaches of fiduciary duty, and more.

What differentiates John Bogart from these Utah law firms is the means and ends with which he has conducted these practices. With his academically informed means, influenced by legal theory as well as economic wherewithal, and his empirically impressive ends, including settlements of impressive size and success, Mr. Bogart has earned a name for himself as a top Utah attorney.

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