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The bulk of Utah attorneys approach complex business law in a procedural fashion. These checklist-oriented lawyers run clients through an assembly-line style process of evaluation, lawsuit, settlement, etc. In this regard, John Bogart is different.

Mr. Bogart runs his practice in a manner that accounts for the uniqueness of each client’s business interests and risk profile. This is why he offers a free initial consultation to parties seeking his legal services –the initial consultation presents the chance to evaluate the viability and long-term ramifications of legal action.

Mr. Bogart’s holistic, integrative approach to legal services revolves around the twin foci of research and analysis. Each litigious step is run through an individualized calculus of risk-benefit analysis and complex damage modeling, as informed by Mr. Bogart’s extensive background in legal theory and game theory. This integrative deliberation helps set aside John Bogart from the arena of Utah attorneys.

Efficiency Efficiency, as practiced by John Bogart, is not synonymous with speed. Rather, efficiency is the ratio of output to input. John Bogart’s integrative legal calculus is specifically crafted to maximize the efficiency of your business. A lawsuit is a major investment –in terms of time, money, and reputation. Many of Mr. Bogart’s legal cases take place over many months and involve costs of millions of dollars.

With inputs this large, it is imperative that outputs are streamlined and maximized. This is why the research and analysis conducted by Mr. Bogart’s team are oriented towards reaching a dynamic legal settlement that suits the specific interests of the corporate parties at hand.

This theoretical and practical focus on efficiency further differentiates John Bogart from his competitors among Utah attorneys. Execution The capacity for execution and follow-through is integral for an effective corporate attorney. With regards to execution, Mr. Bogart’s accomplishments affirm his preeminence among Utah attorneys. John Bogart has nearly 20 years of experience in business litigation, and his clients have benefitted from his holistic, academically informed philosophy of legal practice.

Mr. Bogart has served as lead counsel for Pilot Travel Centers in a $300 million class-action suit; secured a defense verdict in a trial of a $20 million nuisance case; and obtained a defense verdict in a leading antitrust, healthcare case in the Tenth Circuit. He has been honored as the Leading Antitrust Litigator for Utah among the vast field of Utah attorneys. These achievements speak to Mr. Bogart’s ability to craft innovative legal strategies in order to execute successful litigation.

If you are seeking a Utah attorney with deliberation, efficiency, and execution, then call John Bogart at (888) 895-9517 for your free initial consultation. If Mr. Bogart is the right match for your specific business interests, then visit his office in Salt Lake City (299 South Main Street, Suite 1300 Salt Lake City, UT 84111) in order to engage his services.

Finally, don’t forget to surf his website, www.teloslaw.com, so that you can learn more his background and why John H. Bogart, Telos VG, PLLC stands out among Utah attorneys.

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