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Are you trying to navigate the field of Salt Lake City lawyers? Is your business preparing to enter into litigation? This is a stressful process, exacerbated by the incompatibility of many Salt Lake City lawyers with the values and strategic foci of your individual firm.

When choosing a Salt Lake City lawyer, there are several screening questions that you should ask: · What is this lawyer’s academic background? · What are this lawyer’s certifications? · What kind of clients does this lawyer ordinarily represent? · What is the unique legal philosophy of this lawyer? John Bogart, the founding partner of John H. Bogart, Telos VG, PLLC, fully satisfies the criteria set forth by these screening questions.

First, John Bogart’s educational background is exemplary, and it plays a central role in his daily practice. An Honors Graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz, Mr. Bogart went on to earn a PhD at the University of Illinois, Chicago and a JD at Stanford Law School, where he served as an editor for the Stanford Law Review. Mr. Bogart has maintained close ties with the academic realm following his graduation from Stanford Law School, teaching at the University of Utah and Loyola Law Schools.

Mr. Bogart possesses a wide array of legal certifications, possessing the following Bar Admissions: Utah, California, US Supreme Court, US Court of Appeals 9th Circuit, US Court of Appeals 10th Circuit, US District Court of Arizona, US District Court Central District of California, US District Court Eastern District of California, US District Court Northern District of California, US District Court Southern District of California, and the US District Court District of Utah.

Among Salt Lake City lawyers, Mr. Bogart is top-caliber in terms of education and certification. John Bogart’s unique approach to law is universally applicable for a wide array of businesses. Some of his representative clients have been, historically, Comdata, Intermountain Health Care, Pilot Travel, and Suncrest/ Stoneleigh Heights. These are some of the largest, most demanding organizations that will utilize the services of Salt Lake City lawyers.

John Bogart primarily sticks out among Salt Lake City lawyers due to his unique means of practicing law. Mr. Bogart has championed an innovative approach to legal counseling with a variety of influences and considerations. Thanks to his education in legal theory,

Mr. Bogart is able to contextualize legal interests in terms of business interests and judicial precedents. He combines this theoretical foundation with a pragmatic, technical understanding of game theory and economic analysis of law, thus producing a risk-benefit profile that will inform the way that he manages your entire lawsuit.

This holistic, integrative approach is novel among Salt Lake City lawyers, and it will serve your individualized business interests well. When it comes to selecting from the pool of Salt Lake City lawyers, you should inquire about a given lawyer’s education, certifications, representative clients, and practical philosophy.

If you would like an attorney with widespread certification, exemplary education, and a universally applicable legal methodology that carefully weighs your business interests, then John Bogart is perfect for you. Call him at (888) 895-9517 or visit his office at 299 South Main Street, Suite 1300 Salt Lake City, UT 84111. Also, be sure to look through his website www.teloslaw.com. In order to learn more why John H. Bogart, Telos VG, PLLC is the best that Salt Lake City lawyers have to offer.

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