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When it comes to evaluating Salt Lake City law firms, the empirics say it all. If you or your business are preparing to engage in a civil suit involving contractual obligations or complex business litigation, then there is only one way to choose the right option among Salt Lake City law firms.

You need to judge each attorney buy their representative clients and matters, unearthing the crux of their legal methodologies through an examination of their experiences and successes. When it comes to experiences and successes, John Bogart is superlative among Salt Lake City law firms.

The following examples exemplify Mr. Bogart’s expertise, as cultivated throughout his nearly 20 years of practical experience and continuing legal education. Intermountain Health Care Intermountain Health Care is the single largest provider of healthcare and health-oriented services in the entire Intermountain region, including Nevada, Utah, and much of Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Considered by many to be one of the top, most competent health care systems in the nation, IHC reigns supreme in the field of Utah healthcare. In 2011, a group of optometrists sued IHC for including only ophthalmologists on its preferred provider list. Among all Salt Lake City law firms, IHC chose Mr. Bogart to manage much of the legal proceedings. Mr. Bogart developed the litigation strategy for IHC, managed discovery for the suit, and served as lead in courtroom argumentation.

Due to his successes, IHC recovered $350 million, and the case has become a leading antitrust and healthcare case in the Tenth Circuit Court. Comdata The case with Comdata shows that Mr. Bogart’s success has been elevated above competing Salt Lake City law firms and has been recognized on a national level.

Comdata, a firm centered out of Nashville, Tennessee, specializes in the provision of information and credit services to travel centers, as well as interstate trucking services. Flying J, an interstate travel and credit company, sued Comdata in 1996, claiming that Comdata had violated antitrust regulations. The case was filed in the Utah federal district court. Comdata chose to bring Mr. Bogart on as second leading chair and local counsel for their defense. He was given the top role in conducting discovery, motion work, and concocting the strategy for litigation.

When litigation erupted following the establishment of the initial settlement, Comdata kept Mr. Bogart on in his chair, despite the relinquishment of the Nashville legal counsel. This accolade serves to distinguish John Bogart from his competing Salt Lake City law firms. Unlike most other Salt Lake City law firms, John Bogart has represented parties all over the country, in locations ranging from California to Nevada and Pennsylvania to New York.

Litigants all over the country choose him as their litigator due to his academic, holistic approach to legal proceedings, as well as the discipline with which he conducts research, analysis, and risk profiling. Trust the empirics.

If past success is indicative of future promises, then when it comes to Salt Lake City law firms, John H. Bogart, Telos VG, PLLC is best.

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