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John Bogart has been working in the field of Salt Lake City attorneys for nearly 20 years. Over these twenty years, he has received special accolades and has successfully handled large settlements, unparalleled by most competing Salt Lake City attorneys.

Accolades Of the diverse services offered by Mr. Bogart and his associates, he has been most recognized for his marked success in anti-trust legislation. From 2009 to 2011, Benchmark Litigation has named John Bogart as the Leading Antitrust Litigator in Utah. Furthermore, Utah Business has recognized Mr. Bogart as a leader in antitrust and complex commercial litigation from 2009 to 2011.

Discovery is central to antitrust litigation; as such, the costs associated with discovery for antitrust and class action suits can often be daunting. Mr. Bogart has crafted, through his extensive experience, unique means of streamlining the discovery process, placing the discovery process in the larger context of business strategy and corporate priorities. Furthermore, Mr. Bogart’s preeminent success in antitrust litigation among all Salt Lake City attorneys may be accredited to his presentational skills.

Antitrust litigation is a concise label for a widely varying domain of legal nuance; depending on the industry in question, the case may vary wildly. As such, John Bogart fully grasps the economics of the given industry before diving into the process of civil litigation. This enables for him to synthesize his knowledge for judges, business people, and economic experts, in order to form a fully informed, sophisticated plan for litigation. It is this sort of integrative, no-shortcuts approach that has earned Mr. Bogart his accolades in antitrust litigation.

Settlements Throughout his career, Mr. Bogart has successfully handled settlements of very large scales. He has managed antitrust litigation with potential damages over $1 billion, handling both private and class action suits. He has secured millions of dollars for his clients through his integrative, holistically informed approach to legal practice.

As is necessarily the case with such high stakes litigation processes, legal costs are high. That is why a focus of Mr. Bogart’s practice is the mitigation of costs (in terms of time and money) such that his clients are happy with the ratio of legal payment to rewards in settlement.

This is achieved through comprehensive risk and cost analysis, prior to litigation, which enables for Mr. Bogart to juxtapose the magnitude long-term benefits against immediate costs. This tactical method makes him special among Salt Lake City attorneys. When you need to choose for your business among Salt Lake City attorneys, you must create a focused decision metric for comparing lawyers with comparable specialties.

Two factors worth seriously weighing are honors awarded throughout years of practice, and the empirical success and magnitude of settlements.

John Bogart stands out by both of these measures, having won widespread recognition for his success in antitrust litigation, and having successfully handled large settlements in a variety of industries.

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