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With nearly 20 years of experience as a leading Salt Lake City Utah practitioner of business litigation, John Bogart is ready to help handle your professional lawsuit.

Mr. Bogart’s widespread successes confirm the maxim that a lawsuit is one or lost prior to court appearance. Mr. Bogart’s successes are empirically obviated by the magnitude of his settlements and the formal accolades he has received. Benchmark Litigation dubbed John Bogart Utah’s leading antitrust litigator in 2010. Further, Utah Business named Mr. Bogart a leader in antitrust and complex commercial litigation.

These merits are well warranted, as Mr. Bogart has converted his legal expertise into fiscal value, reaching settlements in his lawsuits of nine and ten figures for his clients. Bringing about a lawsuit is an important and consequential business decision, especially in the corporate arena where the fiscal stakes are crucial. As such, John Bogart has developed a practical philosophy of risk analysis and careful consideration, prior to litigation.

Mr. Bogart’s academic career differentiates him from comparable business litigators, because he brings a holistic legal lexicon to any business lawsuit. Having taught complex business litigation at the University of Utah and Loyola Law School, John Bogart is uniquely poised to address your case in an informed and technically adroit fashion. By integrating interpretative legal philosophy, complex game theory, economic analysis, and presentational psychology,

John Bogart is able to craft a sophisticated approach to a given lawsuit. Mr. Bogart regularly works through cases with long settlement timelines and seven-figure costs, thus requiring disciplined research and analysis as the focal point of the legal process. The domain of Mr. Bogart’s expertise is expansive; he is prepared to represent plaintiffs and defendants alike in lawsuits and civil disputes ranging from mortgage service disputes to contractual breaches to antitrust litigation. His strategic focus on research, analysis, and methodical case analysis is universally applicable throughout the varied landscape of business litigation.

Because Mr. Bogart understands the dynamic, multifactorial nature of corporate lawsuits, he is prepared to offer you a free initial consultation in order to determine the feasibility and risk profile of your legal action plan. Mr. Bogart regularly handles legal cases with settlements ranging from under $100 thousand to over $100 million – he is prepared to help you in order to work through the details and long-term consequences of your legal concerns –determining the ramifications for various action plans, including lawsuits.

To initiate a dialogue with Mr. Bogart, you can call him for your confidential consultation at (888) 895-9517. For more information about how the services offered by Mor Bogart and his associated can help you, feel free to drop by the conveniently located Salt Lake City office, at 299 South Main Street, Suite 1300 Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

Finally, make sure that you explore Mr. Bogart’s website, www.teloslaw.com, in order to learn more about his credentials and the way in which he can help you to evaluate the risks, benefits, and dynamics of a lawsuit. John H. Bogart, Telos VG, PLLC is ready and excited to offer you unparalleled services at competitive rates.

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