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Commercial Litigation


Commercial litigation is the area of civil law that pertains to conflicts in business. While business law covers all elements of legality and business, including the crafting and establishment of agreements and contracts, commercial litigation deals specifically with conflicts and allegations regarding the abuse of those contracts.

John Bogart, with nearly 20 years of experience in commercial litigation, practices in nearly all realms of business law, including breaches of contract, intellectual property allegations, complex business litigation, securities litigation, antitrust law, trade secret infringement, and much more. Furthermore, John Bogart has extensive experience on the plaintiff side, as well as the defendant side, of such legal proceedings.

Among his many areas of specialization within the broader context of commercial litigation, John Bogart represents clients who are engaged in litigation regarding securities laws. This ranges from IPO controversies to shareholder conflicts regarding M&O dynamics. He also has extensive successful experience working with clients who are engaged in securities class action suits. Whether your case involves public disclosure, fiduciary responsibility claims in derivative activity, or any other securities-oriented litigation,

Mr. Bogart is equipped to work with you in order to control damage and minimize legal costs, in terms of time and money. Mr. Bogart has also been extremely successful with a very important part of commercial litigation: antitrust litigation. In fact, Benchmark Litigation has dubbed him the leading antitrust litigator in Utah since 2009. Furthermore, Utah Business has named him a leader in antitrust and complex commercial litigation since 2009.

When it comes to antitrust litigation, stakes are high. That is why you need to look towards an attorney that is equipped to act in a linear, decisive, well-calculated manner throughout the entire process. Mr. Bogart exemplifies this type, as he has worked with companies indicted with subpoenas, corporations indicted for violations of antitrust statutes, and more. More than simply dealing with matters of monopolization of a given industry, Mr. Bogart also manages cases involving price discrimination, price-related restraints, restricted covenants, dealer determination, and more.

Further, Mr. Bogart is ready to counsel your business on the legality of distributional schema and business arrangements within consumer protection and antitrust limitations. His expertise in this distinct realm of commercial litigation has been widely recognized, as he has served as lead counsel for cases that have become hallmark antitrust litigation instances in the Ninth and Tenth District Court of Appeals.

John Bogart’s commercial litigation experience does not end with securities litigation and antitrust expertise. When it comes to complex business litigation, Mr. Bogart is widely respected as a guru in the field. Through his capacity to systematically account for man variables in dynamic, complicated, high-stakes corporate litigation cases, he has earned a position for himself above Utah’s competing commercial litigation specialists.

When it comes to commercial litigation in Utah or throughout the nation, John Bogart is prepared to offer top-caliber services at competitive fees.

John H. Bogart, Telos VG, PLLC can better your business through commercial litigation

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