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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the procedure of legal dispute wherein the parties involved target fiscal settlement or specific performance, rather than the implementation of criminal justice.

John Bogart is a Utah-based attorney, specializing in corporate civil litigation on a global scale. Civil litigation takes many forms, including environmental law, landlord relations, products liability, IP, medical malpractice, Worker’s comp, education law, and more. Within this broad arena of civil litigation, John Bogart specializes in complex business litigation; specifically, he focuses on intellectual property law, contractual litigation, appellate litigation, trademark and trade secret infringement, securities litigation, and anti-trust litigation.

The role of the litigator in civil litigation is adversarial and complex. Since interests necessarily diverge in corporate lawsuits, the civil litigator is responsible to analyze the crux of the disagreement in order to reach a settlement that best behooves the client. Civil litigation, generally speaking, passes through seven key stages, with many sub-stages occurring within a give stage.

The seven stages are as follows: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal. John Bogart works with his clients intensively in order to realize their individualized corporate goals throughout the seven-stage process.

One attribute that differentiates John Bogart among his competitors is the extent of his preparatory work prior to the commencement of the litigious process. Mr. Bogart brings to the table an extensive working knowledge of economic game theory, complex damage modeling, and legal theory.

He uses these complementary disciplines in order to form a working strategy that will guarantee success in civil litigation prior to the first step of the entire process. Furthermore, Mr. Bogart endeavors to understand and act upon the specific business interests of his clients as they pertain to the case at hand –be them brand maintenance, long-term buyouts, media control, and/or legal fee minimization.

This all-inclusive tack allows for the client to understand the commitment, risk profile, and potential benefits of litigious action. Too often, civil litigation is seen as a static, black-and-white process. Mr. Bogart’s education and professional development have enabled him to transcend this superficial conception of business litigation. As such, he is able to balance your short-term legal concerns with your long-run business interests goals in order to establish the proper strategy for reaching settlement.

Much civil litigation ends after the settlement phase, with no appeals. John Bogart, through his nearly 20 years of experience, has mastered the esoteric appellate process, such that you do not have to terminate civil litigation with a settlement that is detrimental to your business.

Thanks to his success with the 9th and 10th District Court of Appeals, Mr. Bogart is poised to help you follow through with your strategic plan in order to find success in civil litigation regardless of initial settlement terms.

Check out his website, www.teloslaw.com, for more information about how John H. Bogart, Telos VG, PLLC can guide you through civil litigation.

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